Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Three Things

I thought I’d share three quick things about each of the boys today. They are both growing and changing daily and there are so many little things about their personalities right now that I don’t want to forget.

I was hoping he’d sleep more the older he got but that hasn’t been the case. He is up by 7 everyday and immediately wants to snuggle and watch a movie. If I’m already up, he’ll sit in my closet and talk with me while I’m getting ready.

Travis and I told him that he couldn’t have a girlfriend until he was older and he burst into tears. He told us he already had two! After talking, and realizing that to him girlfriend is a girl that’s his friend, we agreed to him having his girlfriends. 

Dad’s Boy
Lately Colson has been all about his Dad. There has been a couple days that Colson has slept in until after Travis leaves for work and Colson gets so upset. He asks Travis to please wait for him to wake up before leaving for work. He doesn’t want to miss telling him goodbye. Travis had been working with him, teaching him t-ball and Colson loves the time with his Dad. Colson’s favorite activity to do with Travis right now is golf. We got Colson a set of clubs this week, but Travis took him out over the weekend and used his old clubs. Colson was so excited to go golfing with his Dad!

I know that I’m going to miss having a baby in the house so I try my best not to complain about sleepless nights, but it’s HARD. Peyton won’t sleep all night at home. We get up with him at least once a night, if not twice, or more! However, when he goes to Grandma Jo and Papa Kim’s, he sleeps all night. It’s a running joke. He ALWAYS sleeps all night at their house.

We keep all of the boy’s shoes in the mudroom and Peyton will go find his shoes, try and put them on and say bye-bye over and over. If I can’t find him, more than likely he’s in the mudroom trying to go bye-bye.

He’s watched his Dad and brother rough house so anytime someone is laying on the floor, Peyton will “tackle” them. He loves to get his Dad and thinks he’s the greatest whenever Travis says, “Oh, you got me!” Before long, Peyton will be big enough to really get him and Travis will have to fight off two boys jumping all over him!

Just for fun:

We had grass planted a couple weeks ago and it’s been the longest wait. Yesterday Travis sent me a text telling me when had grass. Travis is so excited!!! He loves having a beautiful yard and he does such a great job taking care of it. He can’t wait to mow it for the first time!

Last year we started watching the Colorado Rockies. I’ve always loved watching baseball but I don’t keep up with the players, I just like watching the game. Well, Travis can tell you the stats on every player on the team. I think he might even know their hometown and eye color! Kidding, but what I’m saying is, he knows as much as he can find out about the team. When he gets into something he goes all in. He’s the most passionate person I know. He’s like this in our marriage, with our kids, and anything else he likes or is involved in. He’s all in.

Colson starts t-ball this month and Travis has signed up to coach. He’s going to be excellent! He’s amazing with kids, not just his own. He loves baseball and he’s so excited to coach his son!

I’ve become obsessed with tea. I’ve always been a coffee drinker. I drank it all day long, hot or iced. Over the last month, I’ve been drinking tea. Even when I go to Starbucks, I order tea. I’ve been drinking it so much that I bought a tea kettle! 

I started watching Gilmore Girls the other day while folding laundry and I’m obsessed! I have all the dvds and I’ve watched them through once, but it’s been forever ago. The episodes are long and Travis isn’t interested so it will take me years, but I started with episode one and I’m going to watch them through!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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