Thursday, February 1, 2018

Life Lately

Hello February!!!! I'm so happy that we made it through January. The warmer the weather gets and the closer we get to spring, the more our calendar fills up. So much happened in January, so here's a look at life lately in the Webb house.
This month has been warm. Warm as in 45 degrees. We have spent some time outside and the boys love it! Peyton got this 4 in 1 trike for his birthday and he loves it!

I've also been doing a lot of this....Between teething and being sick, he wants to be held a lot. However, the vacuuming and dishes still need to be done somehow!

This boy's love language is quality time. While brother was napping, we snuggled up on the couch with popcorn to watch a movie. He was so happy and both of our love tanks were full!

I washed the boy's blankets and stuffed animals and when I put them into the dryer, they stood there and watched for a good 10 minutes.

So many snuggles this month! This boy NEVER snuggles so I'm not complaining!
Our FIVE year old on the day of his party!

We went to PoJo's for Colson's birthday party and they had the best time!
I have no idea why the girl hosting our party put the entire box of candles on his cake...but I loved how it turned out! He requested a red ninja turtle and it was perfect!

This boy loved all the rides and having the attention of four grandparents!

With Colson's winnings, he picked a guitar. Which we still have. Which drives me crazy!
Post nap snuggles!

Travis and I snuck in a date night. It was so nice to spend the evening together. It is funny to look back. When we first started dating, I talked a lot and now we go on dates and both enjoy the quiet.

Peyton has been so sick and a few nights we spent playing instead of sleeping. I really don't like when my kids are sick, but I'm so grateful that I get to take care of them.
Laundry helper!

Colson loves to draw, color, for his birthday he received a few projects. He was painting an owl wind chime and on his own, put the apron and hat on. Love this kid! 

These boys LOVE their Dad! Before he took of for work on day this week...

We love Colson's preschool. I have nothing but amazing things to say about it. Every month Colson gets a new book and it comes with an activity to do at home after we read the book. This month was If You Give a Moose a Muffin. Colson made this cute muffin after reading the book. Such a fun activity to do each month that promotes reading.
Both of the boys had wellness visits and are doing great!

I love the creativity and thinking of five year olds!
Last night the boys were snacking and I was cleaning dinner. I went to pick up Peyton from his highchair and I SAW HAIR! I don't want to cut his hair. I love the curls and I had no plans of cutting it. However, Colson cut it for me! I was so mad but it's only hair....

We finished the night with a bath and had an early bedtime for the boys.
Happy February, everyone!

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