Thursday, January 18, 2018

Colson Conversations

Having a FIVE year old is the best. Colson is a deep thinker and comes up with the funniest things to say. He is constantly making me laugh. Today I'm sharing just a couple of conversations that we've had recently that I just don't want to forget!
We were sitting at Roe Ann's Drive-In the other day and there was a lady next to us. I would say she was in her 70's.
Colson: Poor women.
Me: Who are you talking about?
C: That one right there...
Me: Why is she a poor women?
C: Because she's old!
I then explained to him that because people get older, it doesn't make them poor. It means they have lived life and experienced so many things. Older people have a lot of wisdom, which makes them rich! Haha, sometimes I'm lost at how to come back at the things he says.
We were driving and out of the blue...
C: I really wish you had a baby girl.
Me: Ummm, why?
C: Well, Saturdays are for the boys [[Travis taught him this]]] and you're going to be really lonely on Saturdays.
Me: I just started laughing...
C: Mom! Peyton is a boy, I'm a boy, Dad's a boy, so you're going to be lonely. [In his most concerned voice]
I love that loving, caring side!
The night of Colson's fifth birthday we were getting ready for bed.
Me: Here are your jammies.
C: I'm just going to sleep in my underwear now. I'm not wearing jammies.
Me: Why????
C: Because I'm FIVE.
Please, STOP growing up!
Me: Colson, right your name on this.
C: How do you spell Cole?
Me: Why, your name is Colson?!
C: I think I would like everyone to start calling me Cole now.
No, just no. Cole is a big boy name! I knew this day would come, but I was thinking we'd make it to middle school before he asked to be called Cole!
A friend of mine was asking him about preschool.
Sarah: Do you like school?
C: Yeah, because I have a girlfriend there.
Forget about all the friends and things he's learning about.
This next story breaks my heart and is such an eye opener to me. We live in a world where if you aren't "normal" there is something wrong with you.
We were walking through target and there was a women in a wheelchair. She had another women pushing her.
C: What is wrong with that girl?
Me: Shh, please keep walking Colson.
I then explained to him that she was born that way and was going to go more in depth when his interrupted me and said...
C: God made her really special. I love her because that's how God made her! I wonder what her name is and what her favorite color is.........
Ugh! What a big heart for a five year old. I wish more people looked at everyone this way.
C: Mom, I wish you wouldn't have lied to me about Blue. [His fish that died.]
Me: What are you talking about?
C: You told me you buried him but you just threw him in the trash. If you buried him, I could go and visit him but I can't visit him at the dump!
Me: I'm sorry that I lied to you!
Such a logical thinker! I ended up telling him that I threw him away because he wanted to dig him up.
Raising boys is the BEST. I never know what to expect. He keeps me on my toes. And more times than not, he's the reason that I'm smiling.

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