Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2017 in Review

2017 was a great year for our family. We had a lot of fun and a lot of normal. The normal seems to be my favorite whenever I look back. Days spent with family and friends. We made two big transitions this year. We went from a family of three to a family of four and we moved into our forever home.
On January 4th, we celebrated this guy's birthday.

On January 13th, we welcomed Peyton William...

And became a family of four!
On January 16th, we celebrated this sweet boy turned four!

The boys went to Monster Jam.

Our niece Hallie was born.

We went on our first family outing to the Discovery Center to see Sue.
We went on a date night with four favorites to see Eric Church!
On April 5th, we moved into our house!

GG and Papa Les made it home from Arizona!

The boys and I went to Easter service.

We enjoyed a lot of cooking in the kitchen!
We enjoyed pedicures for Mother's Day.

We went to the zoo with GG.

Our niece, Josie, graduated high school.

Colson went to GG's mountain for the weekend!

Peyton visited the Chiropractor.

We had our family pictures taken!

We celebrated Heidi at her bridal shower.

I had a girls night, Pampered Chef!
My cousin got married.

We went out for Heidi's bachelorette party.

Took Colson to the circus.

Enjoyed the Cherry Festival.

And celebrated Dad for Father's Day!

Colson went to VBS at church.

The boys and I went to our town's first Wednesday.
Dad decorated Colson's room.

Heidi got married!

We went to a 4th of July parade!

Travis and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary with a trip to McCall for the weekend.

We went to the mountain as much as possible!

Colson and I met friends at Roaring Springs.

Peyton turned six months so we had pictures taken.

More time spent in the mountains.
Colson started football.

We watched the great Solar Eclipse with family and friends at our house!

We took a trip to Babby Farms.

We enjoyed a fishing trip.

And caught a ton of fish.

We had a family bowling night.
Colson started Pre-K!

We went to the Balloon Festival!
We surprised GG with a surprise 80th birthday party!

Colson had his first field-trip.

Travis and I went to Denver. We watched a Denver Bronco game.

And a couple Rockies games.

We had our fall family pictures taken.

We enjoyed the pumpkin patch!

Carved pumpkins.

And had the best Halloween!

I toured the new LDS temple.
Colson played basketball.
Peyton enjoyed his first Thanksgiving.

I went to the Price Is Right with friends. I laughed so much! 

I turned another year older with my family.
Colson went duck hunting for the first time.

My mom took Colson and I to the Festival of Trees.

We enjoyed The Polar Express!

And the lighted holiday parade.
Emily and I hosted a favorite things party!

We spent a lot of evenings looking at lights.

Travis had his work Christmas party.
We had the best Christmas with family.
We had such a fun year! I honestly don't know what is ahead for 2018, but I'm thankful for what 2017 brought us!

Wishing you all had a great 2017 and praying for what 2018 has in store!

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