Friday, July 14, 2017

Peyton William // 6 Months

Six months.
Where did the time go? It feels like the second baby grows in record speed. I don't like it.
Some days, it still amazes me that God blessed us with this little peanut but I'll be forever grateful.
We don't go to his checkup until next week...but I can tell you he is big!
He is wearing 9-12 months clothes and we are finishing up size 2 diapers...
What's new???
  • We have a sitter. He has perfected sitting up without falling. You can tell it makes him proud!
  • He loves to watch and interact with his brother. Peyton wants all of his brother's toys so as soon as he starts crawling...we will start breaking up fights...
  • He can let out some good giggles. I love hearing it and will pretty much do whatever it takes to get a good giggle out of him at least a dozen times a day.
  • He likes his exersaucer and his walker. He doesn't mind playing as long as someone is right there with him. I bring his walker in the kitchen while I'm busy in there and he will play for a good amount of time. He is also moving around better than I thought he would. I'm loving all the hardwood floors we have...the walker will be a dream for this cutie!
  • Reaching has begun. He will reach up to get picked up out of his crib. He will reach for people that he wants to go to. He will reach for toys (especially Colson's), and he will do a little jump thing with his legs while arching his back.
  • He tries so hard to crawl. On a couple occasions, he has moved a few feet, but nothing consistent. He wants to crawl so badly!
  • He loves water! Bath time is still a favorite of his. I really need to take him swimming because I'm sure he will love it! He splashes and water goes everywhere!
  • He is constantly rolling over. He rolls over at night and is too tired to roll back over but instantly becomes mad. He doesn't want to be still!
  • He had two sleep overs with Grandma Jo and Papa Kim.
  • He's working on some teeth, but nothing yet!
This cutie never misses a meal. He has four bottles a day along with some sweet potatoes at night. He wasn't a huge fan of bananas but sweet potatoes.....loves them! We let him try some watermelon and the boy LOVED it. He was squealing as soon as I took it away. 
Peyton's Six Month Photo Dump

Summertime looks good on him.

Napping in his favorite spot!

Everything goes in his mouth!

Soooo big!


We couldn't be more in love.
I know the next six months will go even faster so I'm enjoying every second that I can!

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