Monday, June 19, 2017

Weekend Recap

We've had a crazy weekend. Constantly having somewhere to be or something to do. We had the best time!
Thursday, we started our weekend with the Cherry Festival!
Grandma Jo met the boys and I down at the park and the first ride Colson wanted to go on was the slide! No fear!!!

The festival is worth all the smiles and excitement!

Colson met a new friend and they had the best time together.

He told me he didn't want me to ride with him. He needed to ride with friends until Dad came...
Milking a cow....

Dad made it after work!

He caught a fish but needed some help!

This boy loved his stroller!

The games were his favorite part!

And those hammers are my least favorite part!

I'm glad we get to do life with these guys...

My handsome husband!

Saturday morning I ran a 10k. A year of no running and having a baby 5 months ago...
not the smartest thing I've ever done. It felt great to finish though!

My cheerleader at the finish line!

Round two at the festival!


We watched the parade!
And Colson was in heaven!

Grandma Jo joined us and Peyton loved the parade! He watched it, reacted to things, and squealed! 

GG and Ryann enjoyed the parade too!

This boy was so dirty!!! He had the best time!

Sunday morning I baked pies for father's day and Colson sat on the floor and watched them!

The best Dad to our boys!

I can't imagine parenting with anyone else. He is the best parent! He has a soft side and a hard side but he always knows which side is needed! Love him!

I always thought pictures with a baby was hard....

But now I think the four year old is more difficult!
This chunky monkey loves rice cereal!

We ended our evening snuggling with Colson!

I hope you all had a great weekend!
Happy Monday!!!

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