Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekend Recap

Happy May Day, friends! The weather this week is suppose to be great and we have a very full week ahead! My to-do list is long on this Monday morning.
Friday morning started bright and early for me. Peyton decided to stay awake after his 5:30 feeding. So this was in my lap...
This was to my left...
And this little peanut was to my right... 

Not a bad way to start my day!

It's always a challenge to get ready in the mornings. I usually have both boys in the closet with me. Friday morning was no different!
So for the past week, Colson will complain that his stomach hurts after he eats (sometimes). Friday morning he had a bowl of cereal and then was in tears that his tummy hurt.
He was like this for about thirty minutes and then was bouncing off the walls again. Just fine.

I took him into the doctor and we are trying a few things before we have a definite answer as to what it might be. We're trying to cut out some gluten and see how he does.
But, this was at the doctor less than an hour after he was in tears! 

We went to Boise to pick up some things for a bridal shower I'm helping with. Colson begged me to let Peyton ride in the cart with him. This only lasted for the length of the isle but it made Colson's day!
Entertaining a four year old while mom nurses baby brother!

Home to build Legos...

We ended the night relaxing!

The next morning Travis started working bright and early on a project outside. Colson asked me to take their picture and send it to dad!

Colson was full of energy so I took the boys to the park. I can't believe how big he is!

Both boys loved being outside!

Then to the grocery store where I read every label to make sure Colson could eat it...

We were going to a bbq so I made gluten free lemon bars with the help of my little chef!

And a was a race to see if I could get the red peppers in the bowl before Colson ate them!

Hallie and Peyton at the BBQ!

Sunday morning before church! I can't get over how big Colson looks in this picture. So handsome!

This cutie went to nursery for the first time and he slept the entire time.

The boys and I went and met up to finalize some bridal shower plans and Colson couldn't get over how cool Britani's furniture was! It was really cool. Her house looks like it belongs in a magazine.

And Peyton was zero help with the planning...

Sunday night ended with lemon cheesecake with Nana and Papa....

and snuggles!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Happy Monday, friends!

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