Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekend Recap - Low Key Edition

Our weekend ended up being very low key. Travis worked most of the weekend at our house but yesterday afternoon was my idea of a perfect Sunday!
Friday we started the weekend off with some baking. I had these two in the kitchen with me. We baked pies and had dance parties. It was a great afternoon.

Our house isn't too far from the Christian school. It's a short walk. I took the boys over after Travis got home. He was working on our landscaping with his Dad so it was the perfect opportunity to soak up the sunshine!

This kid never slowed down while we were there! My goal for this summer is to really enjoy it with the boys. I want them to remember me as the mom who played with them, not sat on the sideline watching. Having a baby is somewhat of a challenge, but I think we can figure it out!

This is the dirt road we walk down to get to the school. Colson ran up and down it while...

His brother was wore out and slept the entire walk back!
We enjoyed pizza and pie with Papa Kim and Grandma Jo and then called it a night!

Saturday morning, (actually all day) this was my view. So many dirt piles. Travis worked all weekend to smooth out all the dirt.

I love listening to this kid play. He has such a great imagination! He played until my parents got to the house to pick him up.

He went up to the mountain with Nana, Papa, GG, and Papa Les. There was just a little bit of snow left. Enough to excite a four year old!

This boy loves ice cream! He had the best day with Nana and Papa!

Meanwhile, this boy "helped" me unpack some more and clean.
I'm trying to savor this time and all the holding that I'm doing. It makes getting anything done really hard but pretty soon he will be big like his brother!

Sunday morning we were making great time. Peyton and I went to my parents to pick up Colson for church and Peyton had the worst blow out! There was no way I was going to church like this!
I almost threw in the towel. And then it hit me. Satan is good. Really good. That is just what he wants. When we are faced with a challenge and it is so easy to give up, he wins. But, I said a prayer that we would still make it to church. Remember that Christian school so close to our house? Well, it's also where they hold church. So, Peyton and I ran home, changed, and went there! It might not have been "our" church. But it was church. And, I was able to walk away feeling like God had his hand in the entire situation because I heard just the right things in Pastor Mike's message.

Sunday afternoon with snuggled and napped. It was so nice.

And then, this was my view out my kitchen window. The boys were playing with a Frisbee. Peyton and I went out on the front porch and watched them. Then, we moved our party to the back patio with ice cream. My favorite part of the weekend.

Both boys needed a bath.

To wash off the weekend! Colson was dirty from head to toe!

And now it's Monday. Beginning of another week. This week will be busy but I'm looking forward to it! Hoping you all had a great weekend!

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