Thursday, April 20, 2017

Life Lately

A little bit of life lately for your Thursday!
We love having Dad come home for lunch. It's seriously the best having home so close to work!

Trying to get anything done is nearly impossible with this cutie! Blogging earlier in the week...

Trying to do some laundry...

At least he is cute and talks to me :)...
And dinner prep! He defiantly likes to be close if he can't be held. I keep reminding myself that this stage of life will be over before I know it and I'll miss it. I already miss the newborn stage.

I love tummy time with this guy. If he isn't on his Boppy during tummy time, he just rolls over to his back. Strong boy.

He is happiest when he is outside. So the other night Travis was working outside and Colson was riding his scooter so we joined them on the front porch!

We are loving all this sunshine! In between the rain of course....

Getting ready for bed. One in the tub and one getting a rub down!

Such a talker when big brother isn't doing the talking for him!

And such a silly personality this one has. I try my best to remember this when he is testing all the patience I have left!

Starting our morning with Jesus and tummy time!

Out on the back patio watching the thunderstorm!

Bundled up watching brother ride his scooter some more!

GG and Papa Les came to visit!

One of our cushions flew off during the storm and since it's so muddy, I sent Colson out with his rain boots to pick it up! He was so of a four year old boy!

We also had Kacie come and visit us. Peyton loved snuggling with Kacie. So sweet!

And then Aunt Heidi came the same day! Peyton is so spoiled because everyone just wanted to hold him! No nap in the swing for this dude.
Well, that's our life lately!
We're ready for the weekend. We don't have much planned but it's always nice knowing Dad will be home and we can sleep in (haha, kidding, we have two small children!) Be lazy at least!
Happy Thursday!!!

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