Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Show and Tell Tuesday - Top Five Pictures

Happy Tuesday, Friends! It's Show and Tell Tuesday and we're sharing our top five pictures!
When I first started thinking about this blog I thought it would be really hard to narrow it down to five pictures and then, I thought about the five biggest moments in my life and it was easy!
Becoming a Mom for the first time. Sweet little Colson. This was the first picture that I took of him and shared with the world. I will never forget the moment I became a Mom.
The moment I became a wife to my best friend!
The picture that documents becoming an "official" family!

My eyes fill with tear every time I look at this picture. Travis was a rock star on this day and I love this picture with his second son. Such a special day!
A complete family of four! I love these boys with all my heart. I couldn't be complete without them.
Well, there you have it, my top five favorite pictures. Of course I have a lot more favorite pictures. I have thousands to choose from, but these moments mean the world to me just like the boys that are in them. I'm grateful for technology that makes it so easy to take pictures, share them, and enjoy them! 

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