Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Our Weekend

Last week was so nice. The weather was great and it was low key. We had a few things on our agenda but nothing too crazy. Travis worked on our house a majority of our weekend, but we managed to go and visit a few times.
Friday evening we were on our way to grab dinner and I couldn't believe it was 71 degrees. It was so nice so we enjoyed dinner on our new front patio! It's supposed to rain until like...July...but I love the warmer spring weather.

We made it home for baths and a few bedtime stories. Love these boys so much!
Saturday morning we made it to the park. It was a little cooler than I would have liked but Colson had been asking to go all week and so I made it happen. It was a short trip but he didn't care.

I can't get over how BIG Colson is. I love when he wears his hat, but I think it makes him look so much bigger. I don't like that part!

He has so much energy...I'm looking forward to nice weather so we can come and burn off some of his energy. I think he could play for hours....
Little brother just hung out...not a care in the world! 

I dropped Colson off with Nana and Papa..........

While Peyton and I met with friends to plan a bridal shower.

Saturday night we went to a St. Patrick's day cookout and this boy loved the horses. He had the best time and it was great to see friends!

Sunday morning we went to breakfast.
 My whole world! Love these three soo much!
The boys played until our food came.... 

Of course I snuck in some homework while the boys napped and rested.
And another visit to see Dad! We didn't want to leave... 

Two wild boys...
Then we stopped at the grocery store...

To get stuff to make this...

Skillet apple pie. So good and so easy. No peeling apples, yes please! We love apply pie at our house but I really don't like making it. This was so easy.
We ended our weekend snuggling and having tummy time.
A good low key weekend!

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