Thursday, January 5, 2017

Life Lately.

How about a random post of a lot of nothing?!
My car has been nested and prepped! Cleaned really good and the car seat has found it's place! There isn't much room back there anymore, but I love looking back there and seeing a car seat ready for a tiny, new, baby brother!

On New Year's Eve, Travis was working at the house so I went and "helped" him. More like, sat and talked to him while he worked. He's so busy that I'll take time with him anyway I can get it!

So, I feed Hans {the cat} all the time and Travis always tells me to stop. However, see that piece of cheese sitting on Travis's leg??? He put it there for Hans! Busted!!!

On New Year's Eve we were ready for bed at 8 o'clock! We did watch a movie and made it until 11 before calling it a night but it was low key and wonderful!

I was putting our Christmas decorations away on Monday and this boy made himself comfortable in one of the Christmas tubs. Silly boy!

I'm addicted! I eat at least 5 of these cuties a day! Thank goodness oranges are in season right now. I can't get enough of them. Also, sorbet. I love that too!

The boys were making fries for dinner last night.

Idaho hasn't had a winter like this since 1985. We have so much snow!!! I loved having a white Christmas but now I'm ready for this to go away. 

They are now worried about flooding because of how much snow we have.

Because of all the snow...we've been doing a lot of this. Lounging. Today is the second snow day this week. I'm not driving in this unless I have to pj's, movies, and playing is all we have on the agenda for today.

Happy Thursday!

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