Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Who Ya Rootin' For?

 Today I'm linking up with Shelly from The Queen in Between to talk about our favorite football teams! Now, three years ago, I didn't care who was playing or even know there was a game on TV. I've always enjoyed going to Boise State football games, but NFL never crossed my mind. That is until Travis entered my life. Now....I love watching the Denver Broncos.
Last year we were fortunate enough to travel and watch a game at Mile High Stadium.
Before the game...
After the game...

Win or loose, we still love the Broncos!
Such a great experience....

Colson cheers on our team also!


 A little football of our own after the Bronco game... 

 This year will be different without Peyton Manning.

The boys may need to get new jerseys...
But we will still be cheering them on!

And hoping they make it to the super bowl again!
Football is important in our house. We look forward to game days!!!

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