Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekend Recap - I'm back edition.

After forever of not blogging, I'm back. It's official that my husband is amazing and fixed my photo problem!!! This weekend wasn't the most eventful weekends we've ever had but it's nice to be back to blogging. Next, I need to just need to get in gear and blog about this pregnancy before it's over.
Saturday morning was low key. I finished up some homework that I put off until the last minute and Colson played. Between inside and outside, he was everywhere! This is how I found him at one point...
Lately, he has been very into taking care of a baby. He's practicing! :)
I took him up and dropped him off with Dad that afternoon. He went and delivered fuel and there was no containing his excitement!!!

Saturday evening when they got home we lounged around and watched Toy Story. I couldn't resist this picture. I'm not so sure it will be this calm once a real baby comes!

Sunday morning we headed to breakfast. The boys were sick of pictures by this time so I'm lucky to even have this one!

Colson went and hung out with Nana while Travis and I went to Lowman! Normally it's such a pretty drive but the fire has burnt so much and there was so much smoke. I still loved the time with my husband though.

We ended the night will some imaginary play.....

And football. It's officially close to fall. Football is on TV once again!!!

It was a low key weekend with a lot of homework for me and working for Travis but we managed to spend a lot of time together which is most important!

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