Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekend Recap: Fun Edition!

I spent all day Friday with Colson...
and then we dropped him off with Nana and Papa so he could go to the cabin.
So, Travis and I spent the evening enjoying a drive and being together!
Saturday morning I headed to the Tutu Run in Nampa with friends.
Afterwards I ran to town and picked up some Birkenstocks. I've been wanting a pair for a REALLY long time and decided to bite the bullet and buy a pair. My feet we especially grateful after running 6 miles that morning.
Then, home for some homework.
Colson went to the mountain with Papa to help GG and Papa Les.
And Travis played in a golf tournament!
We were happy when we were all back home together!
Saturday night we had friends over to watch the fights and eat pizza.

Sunday morning, Colson and I headed to church!

Travis had another day of tournament so it was just Colson and I on Sunday.

We started a painting craft.

The boys both enjoyed a nap...
We went and looked at a few Parade of Homes.
And ended the evening like this.
It was a good weekend. We laughed a lot and enjoyed each other's company!
Hoping this week is a good one!


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