Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Weekend Recap

Friday morning started off with a picture sent to me of Colson! I love his personality!

I made my way to my classroom for the day since I was substituting and waited for all those crazy 7th graders. I had such a great day. It was Friday so they were wild but I'm looking forward to going back. The caffeine really helped me too! 
Friday night we took off to Home Depot! Colson loved the giant orange cart!

We picked up some things for Travis's work and I couldn't help but think Colson looks so big in this pictures. His legs look so long. #staylittleplease

Of course since we were in Eagle we made a stop at the frozen yogurt place.

Saturday was low key in the morning. Then, Colson accompanied Liza and I to get our nails done. He behaved so well!

Poor boy, how boring! But, he watched his movie and I promised him a cake pop!

Saturday night Colson stayed the night with Grandma Jo and Papa Kim while we went on a double date with Ty and Liza.
We enjoyed dinner at the Barrel House...
And then went to Big Al's to play arcade games. We are way too old. But we had so much fun!

 Sunday was low key. We ended our weekend with snuggles from our favorite little boy.

Happy Tuesday, friends!!! :)

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