Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up: Easter Edition

Happy Wednesday, everyone! This past weekend was a great one!
Friday morning we had donuts with Dad!
Then we picked up Grandma Jo and went to the zoo.
The weather wasn't great but Colson was looking forward to it all week so we decided to dress warm and make the best of it.


I'm so grateful Grandma Jo was on spring break and could go with us! Colson loved it!


Such a big boy!

We came home and while Colson took a nap, I started baking!
Saturday morning we woke up and started baking again, this time with a cute helper!
I headed to work and this cutie came by to help me!
While I was at work, Travis was also working.....
I think the weeds grew overnight! I couldn't believe how tall they were.
Saturday night we colored Easter eggs and Colson had so much fun!
It amazes me to see how much changes in a year. This year he really wanted to help.

I love this family of ours!
Sweet Colson requested a silly picture!

Sunday morning we started with Easter service at church. We went to the early service, 8am, because our day was busy!
When we returned home, the Easter bunny had came.
There were eggs everywhere!

After the egg hunt we hosted breakfast with my family. I failed to take a single picture but it was a nice morning visiting. Travis made a delicious breakfast! 

After naps for the boys, we headed to Grandma Jo and Papa Kim's.
Colson got to hunt Easter eggs again...
And we enjoyed a nice dinner and conversations.
All the baking that I was busy doing was our yummy dessert!
We had a great weekend with our families!
We ended the weekend all snuggled in Dad's chair, watching a Frozen!
I can't believe it's already Wednesday, I'm really looking forward to the weekend already!

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