Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm especially thankful today is Friday because I love celebrating Easter! This weekend is going to be so fun!
On Monday night, I signed up for torture. Seriously! I wouldn't consider myself a runner. I have ran a half marathon once. And I've ran several 10k. In fact, I'm running a 10k next weekend. However, I signed up to run in the Sawtooth Relay this June. There are 6 of us on our team and I'm the only one that doesn't run on a consistent basis.
But look how beautiful this view is!
So on Tuesday, I shared my life's mixed tape. I said that in Junior High and High School the one song that really stood out to me was the Friend's theme song. So, on Wednesday, when Colson went down for a nap, I pulled out some Friends along with a few of my other favorite things!
Peach green tea lemonade...yummy!
Also, that kettle corn is my favorite!

Colson gets to spend almost every single day with his best friend, Austin!
And...while at daycare these two have so much fun!
Yesterday, she had an Easter party for them and they got to find eggs!
These pictures were my favorite this week! 

This past week Timehop has been a favorite! Check out these sweet boy!!!

I remember this night perfectly. We went to dinner with Travis's parents and Colson copied everything Travis did. He was even calling me "Babe"! If only he would have sat through dinner and behaved like Travis....

Hoping you all have lots of sunshine and nice weather for all of your Easter festivities! I'm really looking forward to our weekend with family!

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