Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Favorites

Friday, I've haven't been this excited to see you in a long time!!!

These two will be home TODAY!!!
I'm really excited to see them, and so is Colson!

This weather is amazing! Today will be the third day I've been able to stay home with Colson and we've spent a lot of time outside. I hope this weather stays around for awhile!

This boy is too much sometimes! I gave him extra bubbles on this night and he had so much fun!
If only he had a personality.... ;)
I was telling Travis the other night that I love this age and how much fun Colson is right now. He told me that it just keeps getting better.
I agree with that, but after giving it some thought......he's a Mama's boy right now. He will grow out of it...thankfully, so he can mature and become a wonderful man.  Right now, he wants to snuggle, he wants to hold my hand, he wants to give me a kiss, etc. But, soon, very soon, that will all change and I'm not looking forward to it. So, I'm going to enjoy as much time with him now as possible!

Pinterest is my absolute favorite place to waste my time right now!
Here are some of my favorite pins for a kitchen.

Building is fun, but there are so many details. And, although Pinterest is helpful, I may have to completely stay away because I keep changing my mind on things!

This. man. is. my. favorite!
I seriously do not know what I would do without the constant support, encouragement and unconditional love I get from this man! Special shout out to my hubby for being my ROCK, especially this past week. I love you and am so grateful to experience life side by side!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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