Monday, February 22, 2016

Our Weekend.

Thursday night Colson said his goodbye's to Blue! Aunt Theresa is going to "Fish Sit" {is that a thing} for awhile... Before Travis left for bowling he was talking to Blue, telling him how much he will be missed. Then...Colson decided to do the same thing!

Friday morning we took donuts to Dad and while I was talking to Travis, Aunt Kristi and Colson were hard at work! Colson loves Aunt Kristi, but I think the feeling is mutual!

We were getting our carpets cleaned on Friday so Colson and I had to stay away all day. After leaving Dad's work we picked up Grandpa Warren and headed to the fire station.
Colson and I in the back on the way to the "fire"!
Colson and Uncle Daniel.
Then, to Nana and Papa's for naps. But of course we had to snuggle Hans first!
We went on an afternoon coffee date!
{{{Staying away from home all day is hard!}}}
We went home but our carpets were still wet so we hung out in the dinning room watching the iPad.

Travis and I went on a date to Smokey Mountain Pizza and then Home Depot!

I sure love this man!
Saturday, we went to Boise with Nana and I took zero pictures!
Sunday morning we headed to McCall with some of our favorite people!
But first...C O F F E E!

Love this family of mine!
We went on a sleigh ride and saw elk.

These two are my world! 


 Grateful for these friends!

Ended with some Sunday suds!
Colson told me he smelled really bubbles were in order!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Unknown said...

NICE! So glad you are happy!!