Friday, February 26, 2016

#joceveryday2016 {Weeks 7 & 8}

These two weeks have went by so fast.
I'm so ready for spring so these cold months can go quick!
Day 42: Blue gets so left out. I never clean his home and always forget to feed him!
Day 43: enjoyed the afternoon tagging along with my husband in the fuel truck!
Day 44: Happy Valentines day to me! #newgolfclubs
Day 45: my valentines!
Day 46: the bachelor and wine after a very productive afternoon! #gladimmarried
Day 47: real life...for about a week you couldn't even see this bed. It was piled with laundry that needed folded and put away. I conquered it and it felt so much better.
Day 48: we all needed sleep and this cutie fell asleep at 7 on this particular night.
Day 49: excited to get our weekend started.

Day 50: went and saw Uncle Daniel today! 
 Day 51: fishing with his bestie!
Day 52: my people! 
Day 53: I sure love this boy. 
Day 53: ran 4 miles after months and months of not running and the best part...I survived! 
Day 54: we found sunshine this afternoon! 

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