Friday, February 5, 2016

#joceveryday2016 Week 5 // Friday Favorites

Here are my pictures from the last week. This week has been all over the place, I'm so grateful for the weekend!
Day 29: we told Colson we'd take him for a milkshake after dinner but he just couldn't last...
Day 30: love this sweet boy of mine.
Day 31: TJ Maxx, there is a love / hate relationship with you in our house; I love you, my husband hates you.
Day 32: my third cup of coffee today...I needed them. Grocery shopping on the 1st!
{{{what was I thinking?}}}
Day 33: I love Tuesdays! Bible study followed up by Oreos and Fixer Upper!
Day 34: such a good mail day.
Day 35: Colson was in charge of dinner tonight!
And now for Friday Favorites with Andrea.
 This week has consisted of treats...more than once.
When I picked Colson up from daycare earlier in the week, we went to Sonic for happy hour and got all three of us a treat!
And then, on Wednesday night Travis had to work R E A L L Y late and missed bowling so after I got done, I surprised him with his favorite shake from Roe Ann's! And I missed him so I got to see him for a few minutes!
While this kiddo was cooking dinner last night I was taking pictures and he said, "Mom, take some pictures with me!" I know that before long he will stop requesting this so I jump on it every chance I get! He's so sweet [most of the time] and I love that about him!
We played a board game and he's really caught on with how to play but he hates to lose. It's so fun to watch him learn and develop that BIG personality.
Snuggles...will forever remain my favorite with this kid.
When it's time for bed and he begs for snuggles, I can't say no. It's yes, every. single. time. and he know that!
Colson got a tablet for his birthday and I have no idea how to use it and I'm too lazy to sit and read the directions but I did figure out a few things so he's played with it a couple times and he just looks so big when he does!
This's my new favorite. :)
Hope everyone has a great weekend! Ours is back to being busy but I'm so anxious for the Super Bowl. We'll be sporting our Bronco gear and hoping for a win!

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