Monday, February 8, 2016

Weekend Review

Another weekend has come and gone.
They go so fast.
It was a nice low key weekend.
We needed one of those.

Friday is donut day but Colson wasn't interested.
I asked him what he wanted for breakfast and he requested cereal. #everyday
This pretty much sums up Friday....laundry, cleaning, overall a very productive day.
Friday night we went to dinner with friends! Mexican, my favorite. Good people and good food is the best way to spend a Friday!
We told Colson we would go get a milkshake after dinner but the drive seemed to be too long for him and he didn't quite make it...
Saturday, Travis went snowmobiling so Colson and I went to Boise with my Mom and Aunt Silvia. My Mom had to drop a package off at Fed Ex and then we ran to TJ Maxx. We r e a l l y needed new sheets for our bed and king sheets aren't cheep so TJ Maxx is the answer.
Best part, we get up to the counter to pay....I forgot my wallet! Mama to the rescue!
Crazy car pictures, to try and cheer this monkey up!
We were going to get groceries but since I didn't have my wallet and Colson was in the worst mood we headed home!
But not before coffee.....
Thankfully, this boy fell asleep and then I carried him upstairs and slept for a solid three hours!!!
After Trav got home we wanted to do something fun as a family so we decided to try Big Al's. We all loaded up and I then didn't want to drive to Boise....the bowling alley saved the night.
Colson loves bowling so it was perfect!
We had so much fun together!
And we followed it up with a movie and snuggles before bed!
Sunday we made a trip to church while Travis bowled in a tournament.
When we got home, Colson entertained us for a while then naps!

I put on my new sweats, turned on my favorite show ever, Fixer Upper! And Fixer Upper Revealed was on which had me laughing the entire time. Love those two!
We had pizza for dinner.
Our families favorite!
I'm so thankful for a lazy weekend!
Happy Monday!
It's chilly today, I wish we could just stay put but my to-do list just won't allow it!
Have I mentioned yet how ready for Spring I am?

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