Monday, January 4, 2016

Weekend Recap: New Year's Edition and Catching Up!

We've been busy! I only worked one day last week so that meant lots of time with my favorite little guy!
 Wednesday, we wanted to take him to the movies but the time just didn't work out so we went to lunch....
And then ate popcorn and watched a movie at home! He liked it but kept telling us it wasn't a dinosaur movie like we told him we were going to watch!
This kid.... always up to something!
I had to laugh...all of our neighbors looked the same! The garbage day after Christmas....
Colson got a new snowmobile helmet!
Rang in the New Year with this handsome man...actually, this was taken at about 10:15 before heading to bed! :)
New Year's Day and I enjoyed one more cup of coffee in front of the Christmas tree before taking it down!
I dropped Colson off at Miss Tanya's house Friday morning but when we got there...she wasn't up yet! So we sat in the warm car and took pictures. He kept telling me he wanted to go in and see Miss Tanya so he didn't want his picture taken...
Fun day with my besties! Shopping and manicures!
Saturday morning this dude was too cool!
We stopped to see the fire trucks at Uncle Daniel's work!
And then headed to a movie!!! The real deal this time! Colson did great. He sat in his own seat, ate an entire small popcorn, and watched the movie! So proud of this guy!
Sunday morning we headed to church and then took a Sunday selfie before heading upstairs for a nap!
The rest of the day, I completed a Power Point for school, watched football, and played with Dad!
Peyton Manning came back and we were all really excited!!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend and start to 2016!

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