Thursday, January 7, 2016

#joceveryday2016 Week 1

Well, I missed my photo a day in 2015, so, I'm starting again this year.
In 2014, I posted a picture each day, without missing a day! So, I plan to do the same this year! I want to look back and have 366 pictures (leap year) that remind me of each day in 2016!

So far, this year has started off really good!

Day 1: Liza, my mom and I went shopping! Dillard's has an amazing New Year's Day sale so we had a girls day!

Day 2: Colson went to his first movie! We took him to see The Good Dinosaur. It was cute and he did really well, sat there and watched the entire movie!

Day 3: Colson and I went to church and then took a Sunday selfie before taking a nap! Love this sweet boy of mine!
Day 4: Happy Birthday Travis!!!

Day 5: Bible study with these lovely ladies! We started a new Beth Moore study and I'm really excited!

Day 6: Costco run with this cutie!!!

We had a great first week of 2016!!! Hoping you all did too!

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