Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in Review

Here are some highlights from 2015!!! I'm linking up with some of my favorite bloggers also!

This year when I sat down to do my review, I couldn't believe what all has happened in a years time. I can't believe how God works.

So, this was our year...


We started our year off with a trip to Arizona to see GG and Papa Les. My mom, Colson, and I flew down for five days.
On the 16th, our sweet boy turned two! We celebrated with family.
And then Travis and I took him to the aquarium. 
We kicked off our year of concerts with Ty and Liza to see Eric Church!
We went with my family to Donnelly on an elk ride.
Travis spoiled me for Valentine's Day!
This boy practiced a lot of golf.
We went fishing.

 Spent a lot of time outside.
 Got a new pet, Blue!
 Celebrated our first Easter together.
On April 20th, Travis asked me to marry him!
 Made a trip to the zoo.

Travis and I started couples golf.
Travis and I went on a hot air balloon ride!
 We attended the Youth Auction.
I passed another semester of classes!
 Grammy retired and we celebrated her!
 We celebrated Mother's Day.
 Another concert with Ty and Liza....and crossed off Luke Bryan from my bucket list.
I caught my first fish!
 Went to the Cherry Festival!
Celebrated Father's Day!
We went out with friends before heading off to get married!
We had our family pictures taken.

On July 8th, we became husband and wife during a trip to Hawaii! There is no one in this world that I would rather spend my life with than Travis Webb. 
We bought a new car.
Colson suffered through swimming lessons...he hated them.
 We enjoyed the Rodeo.
 Spent the weekend at the cabin and went golfing in McCall.
Travis and I went to Pendleton for the weekend to golf!
Colson started going to Miss Tanya's.
Colson got to ride in the fuel truck with Dad!
For Liza's birthday, we went to the Shania Twain concert!
 I hosted a baby shower for my cousin Jen and her little girl Ryann.
Football season started and we wore our Bronco gear a lot!
Ty, Liza, Travis and I joined a bowling league.
We went to the zoo again!
I started working at Banducci's again!
We did as many fall activities as we could in October...
including the pumpkin patch.

and again with Austin and Liza!

Trick or Treating...

Carving pumpkins...
We officially became a family of three. Colson's adoption went through!

We took Colson to watch Frozen!
Another concert with Ty and Liza, Little Big Town!
Travis and I flew to Denver to watch the Broncos play the Chiefs. This was my first time to see an NFL team play and I'm hooked!
We spent Thanksgiving with family and Colson helped me bake pies.
Went Black Friday shopping with my mom and Liza.
I turned a year older.
We had such a wonderful month celebrating Christmas together!
We visited Santa Clause!
Colson fell in love with Dad's snowmobile.

Buddy returned.

We went to a hockey game with Ty and Liza.

Liza and I took the boys to Jump Time.
We celebrated Christmas Eve with family...
And Christmas with family.


When I look back on our year, my very favorite moments are...

The moments I spend with my family!
And my top favorites....becoming a family! 
I am truly blessed. This year wasn't perfect but each day is a gift and I am grateful for them.

2016 is going to be a great year too! I have no idea what's in store for us this coming year, but I know that God will give me everything I need to endure what the year brings!

I'm thankful for 2015 and hopeful for 2016.

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