Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Weekend Recap - Labor Day Edition

Finally posting our weekend recap! I was having some technical difficulties and really, I still am. But, I managed to find a way to get my pictures uploaded onto the blog to share!

Friday night we had friends over and watched the Boise State Football game. The game ended late and I was exhausted. No one made it until the end of the game...
But it was fun while it lasted!
Saturday morning, Travis went and golfed and Colson and I went for coffee and a donut for him!
It was raining and it made me want to stay inside and curl up on the couch!
Saturday afternoon my parents kept Colson and Travis surprised me with a date.
I had to wake Colson up to talk him over to my parent's house.
He's really good at pretending that he's asleep right now...
 All summer we've been talking about going to play miniature golf and going to a Hawk's game.
We had so much fun with miniature golf. I only lost by two so I was pretty happy since my husband is exceptionally good at putting!
I love watching baseball!
I'm so thankful for Travis's romantic side and the fact he like taking me out on dates!
Sunday morning we met Nana, Colson for breakfast!
Then, the three of us headed to Boise for a fun day for Colson!
(Just kidding...we didn't let him drive) :)
Considering Colson only napped for about 40 minutes on the way over...he did a great job!
We went to the zoo and I'd say it was a hit for all three of us.

We had the opportunity to feed the giraffe!
 Colson loves the feeding zoo! He actually let the animals eat out of his hand this time!

He gave every one of these penguins a kiss....
 For a quick ride!
 I love seeing him so happy!
Colson will pull all three of our faces together and say..."We're all together!" He loves when we are all together and Sunday was no exception!
Monday morning my Mom, Grandma, and I took off to Hobby Lobby.
Where you can find fall and Christmas decorations all at the same time! :)
We are hosting a baby shower for my cousin and wanted to pick up a few things!
We had a great weekend! I love three day weekends that I get to spend with my family.
We had such a great weekend and I'm hoping the week to follow is just as great!

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