Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September Goals

Happy September!

September is the beginning of my favorite time of year. I love the fall. I love all things fall. Colder weather, crisp mornings, warm coffees, football games, and fall colors!

Before I share this month's goals, hear's how August turned out...

1. Well, we never made it to the zoo, hopefully next month. However, Colson went to the petting zoo with Aunt Emy and Uncle Daniel. He had the best time!

 2. No social media between 4 and 9 pm. I did pretty good with this. However, let's just say this will be an ongoing goal for me!

3. Run a 10k. So glad I pushed myself to complete this goal! It felt great to run and I ran with Tiffany. We ran the Idaho Wine Run...we plan on doing it every year!

4. Blog 5 times. Another goal that was completed! I blogged more than 5! I love that I can look back and see what was happening in our lives at this time and see all the pictures of Colson as he grows!

5. Enjoy Colson before school starts. This has happened! I love, love, love our mornings and afternoons together. I'm so grateful for a husband that works as hard as he does to make it possible. Once school starts, Colson will go to daycare longer during the days so I'm thankful for the extra time right now!

So, what are my goals for SEPTEMBER??? Here we go...

1. complete 21 day fix challenge. On Monday, I started a 21 Day Fix Challenge group. We are working out, eating healthy, and ready "Loving Our Kids On Purpose" I'm thankful for the accountability of the group and the amazing leader! Three days in and it already feels great. I have enough time most mornings to get up, get my workout in, shake down, and read material from the book. It's going to be hard to stick with it for 21 days but I'm really motivated right now!!!
2. decorate house for fall. I don't decorate for Halloween, just fall in general. I love getting pumpkins and leaves out to spread around my house! 
3. host a baby shower. My cousin is due with a baby girl in September and we are having a baby shower for her after Ryann arrives! Everyone will get to shower Jen with fun girl clothes and love on the new baby girl! I'm hosting with my Mom and Grandmother!
4. paint laundry room. I found a picture of a laundry room that I love so Travis is going to put up a cabinet and I'm going to paint! I'm so excited that I already bought the paint! Travis is playing in a golf tournament one weekend this month so I plan on painting! 
5. buy some Christmas gifts. I hope to be finished Christmas shopping by November so that leaves me two months! My list is short this year since my family is doing a secret Santa! Hopefully, I will get the majority of my gifts bought this month and then the holidays won't be as stressful!

There you have it! Have a great September!

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