Monday, September 14, 2015

Our Weekend.

Friday after getting off work, I picked up Colson and he wasn't feeling 100%. So, we came home and snuggled up in the chair and watched Dumbo.
Dad got home from work and I ran to the store to grab a few things and picked up a pizza!
After dinner, we had these muffins for dessert and they were delicious! And so easy to make! I spread some store bought cream cheese frosting on them so there were more of a cupcake.
On Monday morning...they are still moist and delicious!   
Saturday morning I had to work but I treated myself to my new favorite coffee drink, a white chocolate pumpkin spice Americano! And, we got to wear jeans with BSU shirts so it wasn't too bad!
My mom and Colson met me for lunch!

After work, Colson still wasn't himself so our plans changed to hanging out at home. I will never complain that I am home with my family. I just love them so much.
Of course we watched the BSU game though!
Sunday, consisted of football. Lots of football!
We watched the Denver Broncos game!
These two sported their matching jerseys!

After the game was over we went to the backyard to play football! Colson scored several touchdowns and now my shoulder is a little sore from throwing the football! But we had so much fun!!!
Our weekend had a lot of snuggles, resting, and football involved but I wouldn't have it any other way! 
  Here's hoping the sickness in our house moves out quickly and we have a great week of fall weather!

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