Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Favorites!

 This week's weather has been fall weather! I've loved it. And, when fall weather comes around, I want to use my crockpot. Monday, it was cooler and had a chance of rain so I thought, what perfect weather for a crockpot meal!
I made Shay and Andrea's pulled pork recipe. It was so yummy and it always feels good to have dinner in the crockpot before I even leave for work!
 My bestie, Liza and I went to the Shania Twain concert on Tuesday night!
I loved Shania as a kid but haven't listened to her much since. But, she didn't disappoint.
I will admit that Liza really wanted to go and mentioned it several times. I was never super excited. My sweet husband bought us tickets since September is Liza's birthday month and she was so excited. We had a girls night and it was so much fun!
We went to dinner before the show at Mia Tia. It was so yummy! We both agreed it's more of a girls night restaurant because we couldn't see either of our men loving it!
And a great show!
We had the best time!
Crazy enough, one of my cousins had seats right in front of us!
My throat hurt from singing the entire time! I'm so glad we went!
 Ryann Jean Kerr!
Such a sweet baby girl!
She's so sweet! And look at all that hair!
{{I stole this picture from my cousin, I'm fighting a cold so I'm staying far away!}}
I can't wait to meet her and sprinkle her with some love!
 Bronco Game Day!
I'm not talking about the Boise State Broncos....I'm talking about our favorite football team. The Denver Broncos!!!
Our house loves them. I recently jumped on this fan wagon because my husband is such a huge fan. But, I'm all in!
We had baked potato soup and we all wore our game day gear.
{These were from Sunday but they are too cute not to share!}
I love watching football and it's even more fun with these two!
Also, I love chalkboards and since fall wouldn't be the same without football....
I decided to incorporate it into our fall decorations!
 Tonight, we get to meet up with Mike and Randy!
Randy doesn't live in Idaho so when he comes to town, it's always fun!
This was at my brother's wedding last fall.
I can't wait for Travis to meet him and to laugh over dinner!
 On Tuesday, I blogged about who I would invite for a dinner party. It was a link up with Andrea and I read several other blogs. It was fun to see who people would invite. So many fun dinner parties happening!
A Rock Star Husband!
He's my favorite.
This week hasn't been by best. I wasn't feeling great and he is my favorite team player. He did so much around the house with out even complaining once. He made dinner, bathed Colson, you name it...he did it! So thankful we get to be a team through life!

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