Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Favorites

Here's to another great week!


As we were leaving the house Monday morning it was pouring rain and Colson got so excited to wear his fire boots! We told him he can only wear them when it's raining and it was pouring so I had no choice but to let him!
On the way to daycare Colson told me he wanted to say cheese in my phone! Okay little boy, no need to say that twice! I love when he corrouporates for pictures!
Monday when we got home he asked me if I would snuggle with him in the chair and watch a movie with him. So, my afternoon plans were forgotten about and we snuggled! Then, Dad got home and so I told Colson I was going to get up. He didn't mind since Dad just traded me places. I'm loving all the snuggles lately!

Tuesday night I suggested ice cream and Travis suggested we take a quick trip to Eagle and get some frozen yogurt! Colson absolutely loved it! He surprised me with how little of toppings he wanted. It was so fun! 
[[[I'd sure love a frozen yogurt place in Emmett ]]]

Colson wanted a haircut! He's my favorite client even though he asks me 1098302938 times if I'm done yet and doesn't hold still for longer than .00049 of a second!
Travis brought home 'The Longest Ride'  and even though I cried | a lot | it was such a great movie. I plan on purchasing the movie and the book! It was so real and encouraging. Relationships don't always take the path you expect them to take but loving one another unconditionally can get you a long way!


Thursday nights are golf nights but it was over 100 degrees so Travis called and asked if I wanted to go out to dinner and golf club shopping. So we headed to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and went golf club shopping. After looking at golf clubs for quite awhile I went and shopped for office supplies. I could spend a lot of money on office supplies!
We put Colson to bed and went into check on him a few minutes later and he was sound asleep with all his animals. And, I'm happy to say he slept through the night even with all that wind!
With coffee in hand...we are ready for the weekend!

This week has been so good! I'm lucky to have the day off to spend with Colson and get stuff done! Tomorrow I'm running in a 10k and Travis and Colson get to hang out!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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518nymammaof2 said...

Love your little guy's Paw Patrol sheets! And my boys would be so jealous of those fireman boots!