Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend

We had a great weekend! 
Friday night we had friends over for beer and pizza.

I hope these boys grow up as good friends! 

They are so much fun! 
Saturday I got up before the boys to finish some homework. 

Saturday evening we went for a boat ride!

When we got home we colored Easter eggs. 

Colson had so much fun with this.

I love holidays with a kiddo! 

Travis went out to water the flowers and we told Colson he couldn't go help because he didn't have any clothes on. So he went and dressed himself because he really wanted to help dad! 

Sunday morning started with church and then almost running out of gas! I was famous for this before Travis and I started dating but because of Travis's profession I try my best to not let this happen! 

We came home and the Easter bunny had hidden the eggs. 

Colson instantly knew what to do and had the best time hunting for eggs! 

He kept saying, found another one!

And he was so excited each time he spotted an egg!

We came in and found an Easter basket! 

We went to my parent's house for brunch and didn't take a single picture! He got lots of goodies from my family.

I love this family of mine so much!

Colson searched for eggs at Grandma Jo and Papa Kim's house too! 

Professional egg hunter.

And they got him a leaf blower that is a bubble blower! 

I can't believe the amount of bubbles this thing produces!

Our weekend was great. Last night we went to bed I told Travis it was a perfect day and we are so blessed to have such great families! 
And today we woke up not feeling so good. I stopped to get a tea before taking Colson to daycare and he got sick all over me! He hugged me and told me he wanted me to take him home. So, he's snuggled up watching Paw Patrol 

and I'm snuggled up doing homework. 
We don't plan on leaving the house today!

Here's to a good week ahead of us!

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