Monday, January 26, 2015

Sunny in January

Well...I'm really late with this post but I hope to get caught up on all that's been going on in our lives for the last month. :)

Oh how I've loved seeing blue skies for 5 days and my grandparents!
I'm so thankful we have been fortunate enough to go visit them the last two years.
We left Wednesday morning and headed to the airport. We got to the airport so early so I did my best to wear out a two year old!
We ran up and down the terminal, 
played video games without actually wasting a single penny,

 pretended that we were taking  naps,  and enjoyed some coffee! I'm loving that Big Sky is in the airport now!
He was wild but he knew he had the attention from all of those around us so he was entertaining.
On the plane and ready to go!
Of course he fell asleep right as we were getting ready to land.
We made it to our rental car and off to GG's house we went!
The first morning we were up early and ready to explore.
We went to pizza in Sedona.
I have so much fun with my Mama.
Colson and I took advantage of the photo ops!
And couldn't get enough of the blue sky!

This boy was wore out by the time we headed back. 
So GG sat in the car until he woke up while Mom and I shopped.
All smiles!
GG taught Colson how to play, 1 potato-2 potato and it was a hit.
GG had prepared some potato soup so when we got back dinner was ready!
And of course GG was prepared with ice cream! One happy little boy.
Friday Mom and I went on an adventure while Colson stayed behind with GG and Grandpa Les. 
We enjoyed a nice lunch....along with some fish and chips. :)
And while driving 70mph down the highway I decided to pull over so I could hug a cactus! 
That evening we went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Colson loves his GG.
So blessed this is my family!

Saturday morning Colson found his birthday presents and started opening them. He is so curious.
GG was prepared for a party with horns and Colson went crazy!
We headed off to a friends house to pick grapefruit.
They have a tree that is 1/3 grapefruit, 1/3 lemons, and 1/3 oranges.
The fruit was big and so tasty!
This was one of the grapefruit.

We headed off to the grocery store and little man was tired so he relaxed while we shopped.
And I enjoyed a "real" cup of coffee!
Somebody was extremely tired!

Once Colson woke up we went down to a gift store and his inner cowboy came out. 
He helped his GG sew while we were waiting for dinner.
And GG enjoyed one more snuggle before we headed home.
We had to leave my grandparent's house at 4 in order to make it to the airport in time for our flight. We started the morning off tired!
But Colson was a champ! Colson and Doggy ready for take-off!
Goodbye blue skies!
The first leg of our flight Colson played and was great!
But the flight from Vegas to home we both slept. It was amazing!

I'm so glad I am able to take my son and see my grandparents. It's so nice coming from such a close family. I enjoyed our time together down there but I'm looking forward to spring when they will be home!

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