Thursday, December 18, 2014

#joceveryday2014 Week 50

 Day 344: before going to work on Thursday, Colson delivered cookies and Christmas cards!
 Day 345: this was my view at 8:30 on Friday night!
 Day 346: we ran to target and found this shopping cart! #bestpurchase He was so good!
 Day 347: went well......
 Day 348: some nights my desire to crawl in bed and snuggle him win.  #thedishescanwait
(I'm actually writing this from Colson's bed right now. He's sleeping and I'm snuggling. Also to tired to walk to my own room!)
 Day 349: homemade pizza for the win!
Day 350: ended my night with hot tea and while soaking up the memories that I've recently made. Wednesday night was a good night!

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