Wednesday, October 8, 2014

WIWW: Pinterest Inspired.

Remember back at the beginning of the year when I said I wanted to utilize my Pinterest boards more? 
Well, this last week I chose outfits off Pinterest that I would be able to recreate with items I had at home. 
I had a game plan and surprisingly I took pictures of my outfits everyday and so you can see my outfits verse what outfit I was inspired by!

Wednesday I had to work at the bank so I had to do a little adjusting to make this outfit work for me but overall, you get the idea.
 Tuesday morning I headed to class. I wore a lot of jewelry, a comfy sweater and my booties!

 Friday I was back to working at the bank. I helped set up the Harvest Festival in the morning and it was cold so I layered!

 Saturday I volunteered at the Harvest Festival and since it was cool in the morning I threw on some leggings, boots, one of my military jackets, and a scarf! So comfy!

 Sunday morning we went to church and I wore this outfit.

 Monday morning I observed at the middle school and then headed to work. This is so comfy and appropriate for both work and observing. I decided not to wear my olive pants and so I switched them out for my purple pants. My olive ones don't have belt loops and it didn't look right. 

 Tuesday I had class and to be honest, sometimes comfort is all that matters to me while sitting in class all day. This outfit is so comfy!
 Wednesday was work again and I love this combo! I actually wear it often and need to branch out. But since it fit with my Pinterest inspired wardrobe, I snuck it it!

I just added my scarf because it was cold and I love wearing scarfs!

This week was fun and made getting dressed so easy. I knew exactly what I was going to wear everyday! 

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