Sunday, October 26, 2014

#joceveryday2014 Week 42

Day 282: finished Halloween prep!
Day 284: fun at the Farmstead!
Day 285: eating GG's cinnamon rolls.
Day 286: after a very scary day I thanked God for so much Sunday night!
Day 287: Colson fell asleep with my cousins kitty, Butters!
Day 288: Tuesday nights are Pizza nights at our house.
Day 289: COLSON got some Nana time!
Day 290: we both needed coffee on this morning!
Day 291: ready for fall!
Day 292: these boys were exhausted after a fun day!
Day 293: girls day!
Day 294: played in a box for hours!
Day 295: helping with dishes.
Day 296: didn't accomplish what we went for but it was a good day!
Day 297: we delivered some get well wishes!

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