Saturday, August 2, 2014

Colson: 18 Month Well Visit

I gave Colson's update here but since we made it into the doctor for his well visit I thought I'd give another update.

Height : 32 inches (60 %)
Weight: 26 pounds 4 ounces (50%)
Head: 50.8 cm

Teeth: They are all in! I'm so thankful! We went to the dentist yesterday as well and they just looked inside of his mouth and got him familiar, not an actual check-up. They recommend waiting until they are closer to three. Until then, we will work on brushing!

Speech: Colson is saying several words and starting to put them all together to form sentences.
duck, drink, outside, down, please, thanks, mom, dog, kitty, nana, papa, riley, bye, go, no, yes, truck, eyes, nose, ear, chin, done, more, cow, hi, eat
Where'd the cows go? - his favorite sentence!

Colson got his last baby shots. tear...

We won't see the doctor again until he's two. Hopefully!

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