Wednesday, July 16, 2014

18 Months.

Age:18 Months
Stats: We go to the doctor at the end of the month.
Teeth: Colson has 16 teeth. A mouth full. We have a dentist appointment schedules. Brushing his teeth is still a fight.
Clothes: Still fitting into his 12-18 month clothes best, but wearing a little bit of 18-24 month stuff as well. 
Favorite Foods: Cheese, watermelon, any kind of fruit, frozen go-gurts, pizza, bread, Ritz Crackers
Favorite Words: Hi,  eat, go, NO! (accompanied with a head shake), cow, dog, bye, nana, mama, papa, duck, drink, more, outside, done, down.
While you are talking none stop these days in babbles and baby chatter, I'm starting to catch a word here and there.
Favorite Activities: Dancing and listening to music. Water of any kind; the pool in the backyard, sprinkler, hose, watering the flowers, swimming in the big pool, and the damn was a hit. 

Playing with LeRoy or Remington.
 Playing with his doctor kit. He's constantly talking on the phone!
Bath time is always a favorite, sometimes to make it even a little more fun we have a bubble bath and I'm dying to try out some glow sticks!

Least Favorite Activities: The only thing he really hates is when she has to stop doing something fun for a diaper change, go to sleep, or go home. He hates leaving Nana and Papa's house.

Signature Moves: Blowing kisses! Coming out of time-out too early and making his way back with a huge bottom lip that turns his mama into a softy. Deciding he wants to go outside and going out the sliding glass door and closing it behind him. Or when Mamas outside, locking her out! He points his little index finger all the time while explaining things to me.
When he's doing something for attention and get people laughing he will put his face in his hands and belly laugh.
Peek-a-boo is still a favorite. I love the giggle that comes from it!
Characteristic: He's a stubborn one. He must do things his way and all by himself. 
We've introduced time-out this month. He hates it. But when it's time to get out, he gives the best hug. 

He's tender. He doesn't like being in trouble. He cuddles a lot. We still rock at night before bed. And he loves to be held. He's on my hip for 75% of the evening. While I make dinner, clean up dinner, etc. We have the best conversations during these times so I'm going to chalk it up as a win.

Oh Colson how I love you sweet boy!

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