Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Colson: 14 Months

This has been a fun month. Colson changes on the daily and continues to make me wish time could slow down. Please. Slow. Down! 
 Colson will sleep very well some nights and then there are nights that his teeth are too much and we are both awake. He is still taking two naps a day and just when I thought I was going to change that to just one...he showed me that he still NEEDED that morning nap.

He is eating well minus the few days that his teeth are unbearable. He loves spaghetti squash, waffles, blueberries, steak, veggies, and still a lover of pizza. He has a new found love of grapes. However, still isn't a fan of eggs. He will politely take whatever is in his mouth that he doesn't like and put it back in your hand. When he's done with his meal he will shake his head or cover his mouth with his hand.

He's currently cutting his ninth and tenth teeth. {still} and having a heck of a time. This month I've really noticed his teeth affecting him. {fever, drooling, clingy, loss of appetite, and loss of sleep for him and mama} He's still in a great mood dispite all of that!

He's mastered the kiss. When he does something wrong he instantly leans in for a kiss and then smiles. He's been super snuggly so we tend to snuggle extra before bed.

As soon as I get him naked it's a dead sprint to the bath-tub and then he's figured out how to climb in with no help. He's actually climbed in with his clothes still on. He loves playing on Mama's bed. He will stand and then fall into the pillows. Points and says "go", whenever I say "bye-bye" he goes to the door and waves, loves sitting by the window and watching everyone outside, throws the biggest fit you've ever seen when it's time to come inside, and knows how to give the best snuggles.

When the boy doesn't get his way I can promise he will end up on the floor with tears.

He still enjoys his wagon but also loves giving his pig wagon rides too. We went on a sleigh ride and fed some elk, he did great for the first hour. He loves playing with his tounge. Discovered dirt and {loves} it. We've enjoyed the park a couple times this month. The weather has been great so we've walked over to my parents house a few times. {they live about 2 minutes [walking] from us but when Colson walkes it takes about 15}

We've officially ended the bottle. He was down to one before bed and I took it away on the 11th. Now, we have a sippy cup of milk he has between dinner and bedtime. At 8, it's bedtime and I just dump the rest out and he goes down. It was easier than I thought. He also started sleeping with a pillow on the 11th. It seems to help him sleep and he looks a lot more comfy!

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