Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Colson 13 Months

Colson is coming back around to the snuggle idea. Which this mama loves!
We have been snuggling more every night before I put him down for bed.

I took his paci away right before his first birthday other than nap time and at night. On his first birthday I took it away completely. Cold turkey pretty much. He hasn't had one since. I was worried because a few kids at daycare still have them but he did great!

Colson has zero patience. When he wants something or someone it's right NOW.
He has a pout that melts me.
He hates to be in trouble but he isn't a very good listener.
He is beginning to have a temper and through a fit when he gets into trouble.

Colson will sleep 12 hours on the weekends or days I don't have to wake him.

He takes two naps a day.
He needs his sleep. Believe me. Needs. His. Sleep!

Currently working on his ninth and tenth teeth...these are tough ones.
Lots of snuggles, snot, and all around uncomfortableness.
{drooling, cranky, loss of appetite, gnawing/chewing on everything, etc.}

He's beginning to dance to music everytime he hears it. Lately he carries around my phone while Pandora is on and will bust a move randomly.
Enjoys chasing the cat around and pulling on his tail.
Opens every cupboard and drawer he can.
Shakes his head no...{we are working on yes}
He's trying to say more and more words.
Loves; wagon rides, drinking from a straw, playing with a left over birthday balloon, reading, and rocking. He will rock alone or with someone.

He hates laying down for anything, especially a diaper change.
He wants to wake up on his own and is cranky if I wake him up.
He hates the word no. {instant pouty lip and sometimes tears}
He won't sit still to watch anything on the tv.

His laugh is contagious...
Has a smile so big he scrunches his nose...
and has the most kissable thighs...

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