Wednesday, January 8, 2014

#joceveryday2014 Week 1

It's been a week folks! And an eventful one at that! This year I've decided to take a picture everyday to document my life so when I look back I can remember the little things (or big things) that presented themselves in 2014.

Day 1: Started the New Year shopping at Dillard's. Colson was not a fan, as you can see from this picture. 
 Day 2: Colson was a sick little boy so I snuggled him.
 Day 3: Colson was sporting Uncle Daniel's sunglasses.
 Day 4: I got the flu and got admitted into the hospital. What an exciting weekend.
Day 5: Nana took care of Colson for the weekend while I was recovering.

Day 6: Colson's new favorite spot is where the Christmas tree was. I took it down and he loved looking out the big window and watch the cars go by.

Day 7: I went over to my parent's house last night and loved on both my boys. Colson looks like his eyes are closed but he was giving Hans kisses...until he started pulling fur out!

This week has been fun. I've loved being intentional about taking a picture everyday so I can go back and remember something each day at the end of 2014.

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