Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our {fourth} Weekend.

grilled everyday.
watched fireworks.
celebrated birthdays.
saw lots of friends.
played in the lake.
had lots of snuggle time.
played in the lake some more.
had camp fires.
and s'mores.
went golfing in McCall...
until we got kicked off.
(apparently you have to be five to golf!)
took lots of naps.
had good conversations with family and friends.
had ice cream at Ice Cream Alley.
hung out like a total bad ass.
and at the end of the weekend we totally crashed!
only to wake up to pink eye. 

We've been battling pink eye for two days now, poor Colson! But he is a total champ and smile and giggles and is clearing in the best mood through it all. Oh how I love him!

Tonight was Colson's first night at swimming lessons since he couldn't go last night due to his eye. But he is a fish! He has a love for water and it wears him out!!!

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