Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hoping this will help...

I just downloaded blogger to my phone so I can update my blog without getting on my computer! Now that the secret is out there will be no excuse for not posting more!

Since I'm on here and it's Wednesday, I'll do a short what I'm loving Wednesday!

I love this little man more and more everyday! He's getting such a great personality and I love watching him develop. Everyday I look forward to hanging out with him. Never loved anyone more!

Hans! I love that not only Colson plays with all the toys but so does Hans! He is feeling neglected lately and will do anything for attention. He brings so much entertainment to our lives!

My mom and dad watched Colson overnight one night and my mom sent me this picture. Melt my heart why don't ya! They have a sleep # bed and I'm told the Colson loves it.

Finally returned to the salon! My hair has been falling out like CRAZY but I still needed to get the stragglers touched up. Colson came along so he could hang out with his Aunt LaLa and was wonderful!

I sure do love how this man is with Colson and I! Colson is sure lucky to have such a wonderful male example (besides my other family)! You can tell how much Colson loves him as well. When Doyle is around Colson wants HIM! He could care less about anybody else at that point. Doyle has provided so much for the two of us and I'm so thankful we get to see where this crazy journey takes the three of us!

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