Sunday, December 16, 2012

Baby Shower and Colson's Room

So, I'm going to apologize for the picture overload at the beginning!
My mom, Tiffany, Jannette, and Cami all gave me a shower a week ago. It was perfect! They put a lot of hard work into it and I could not be more thankful. During my pregnancy I have be CRAVING breakfast foods and sweets. So...they served brunch. They made waffles, had fruit, and Jannette bought a doughnut machine just to spoil me! The guests were so sweet and I loved having everyone there for Colson! Most of these pictures  are kind of random but I wanted to share.

This was the gift table that also displayed the quilt that my mom made for Colson.
Sweet Kylie just had a baby and she was sharing with me about what it's like being a new mom! I loved her stories and love that I can ask her ANYTHING and she has no problem sharing! Haha, so grateful for her friendship.

We played a matching game so my mom and I made this board. It had all things to do with baby. It's like memory. Super fun!

Carter was our helper. He pulled everyone's names out and delivered their candy. Sweet boy!

Emily made Colson this blanket. I love it and it's so soft! It goes great in his room even though I've been breaking it in until he arrives! I just love it!

 Here is another blanket from Kay Webb. My dad was a fire fighter and my brother is a fire fighter so Colson has lots of fire stuff! I'm totally okay with this and love that he will be raised around fire fighters!
 The morning of my shower, my brother drove to Eagle to pick Colson up this little shirt! Isn't it adorable? He has two, in different sizes of course. Daniel is going to be such an amazing Uncle. I'm glad that Colson will grow up around such an amazing guy. :)
 Angie was a huge help during the shower! I've known her for a long time and she is a beautiful women inside and out! She told me the only reason I got a picture with her was the fact I'm pregnant! Haha, I'm guessing I'll get another one after Colson arrives! ;)
 The amazing ladies that hosted the shower, minus Cami who took the picture. Amazing women, and so blessed to have them!
 Valerie is a teacher and has a heart of gold! She shared some great advice with me and I'm thankful she was able to make it! She just participated in a fundraiser for Cory Holm, who was a graduate of Emmett High. He was seriously hurt in a baseball accident and Val shaved her head to raise money! A heart of gold this gal has!
 The banner that is hanging in Colson's room, some of his sweet and tiny outfits, and the pictures that I've been trying to take weekly in front of my chalkboard.
 Here is Colson's room!
 The old window will feature newborn pictures as soon as he arrives! Originally I bought a ton of paper lanterns and was going to group them over Colson's crib. Then....I changed my mind at the last minute! I'm glad I decided to hang them over the rocker.
 I have an empty shelf....and only a month to fill it! Heidi made his name on the blocks and I love them! They could not be more perfect.
I could not be more thrilled with the way the room turned out. I love the colors and different textures. My dad was a rockstar hanging everything for me! I changed my mind about 50 times on where I wanted things hung. Such a trooper. It took 4 hours to hang everything.....that tells you something about my pregnancy brain!

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