Friday, November 16, 2012


I'm a list maker! I make a list for everything. I make a list of lists that I need to accomplish. So I only see it fitting that I share a list.

These are the things that are on my brain lately and overwhelming me!

1. I need to finalize my baby registry. I have had so many generous people give me things they no longer need so I need to take those items off my registry. I have zero motivation to jump on a computer after being on the computer all day long. Babies R Us is a blocked website at work so I can't work on it there.

2. I need to find homes for everything that I have received already. But, this requires me going to storage to get some pieces that I will use as storage. I can't lift heavy things so this requires help which requires me to rely on someone else...not my favorite thing.

3. I really feel the need to cook at least one meal before Colson gets here. I'm so thankful for my mom for feeding me practically every night but I really should cook. And I want to cook some meals that I can freeze so after Colson arrives I will be able to pop them in the oven to heat them up!

4. I am the director of Miss Gem County and really need to connect with the girls. They have both been amazing but I have been a horrible director. I want to get everything organized. Go through all the stuff we have. And make sure I'm super prepared!
The girls are also in a parade on the 24th. This is in fact a week from TOMORROW, which means I need to find a car for them to ride in and get that prepared! Holy Moly!!!

5. I really need to finish preparing for my baby shower that is in a couple weeks. I am so far behind and will be out of town the weekend before my shower. I still need to finish the scrapbook that all the guests will place advice cards and baby wishes in, finish Colson's name banner, and the quilt needs finishing. So I should be super busy!

6. Stress....I need to find a way to relieve some! Any tips?

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